Monday, March 14, 2011

Yakkity Yak Teeth Inventor Still Going Strong

Eddie Goldfarb created his famous chattering teeth (Yakkity Yak Teeth) in 1949 and he still going strong with his latest creation being the Lego Creator Game.  I had the pleasure oif interviewing Mr. Goldfarb for the Playing Around book.  Not to give anything away, but Mr. Goldfarb's favorite toy almost meant he was going to be a toy inventor from day one.
Healways knew he wanted to be an independent invnetor, but he didn't decide on toys until he was stuck on a submarine during World War II.  He and his two man crew maintained all of the electronics on the submarine including the radar.  During his doiwn time, he would read books andPopular Mechanics magazines as well as sketch and write down ideas.
When the war ended, Eddie was all set to go with a notebook full of ideas and the skills to bring those ideas to life.  He licensed Yakity Yak Teeth in 1949 and has been going strong ever since.

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